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Besides being a singer/songwriter/photographer, you'll find some random bits of my life as a full time nurse. Enjoy!

Cristina Estipona, or Chrysss for short, is a Fil-Am singer, BMI songwriter, composer and producer who’s songwriting sensibilities and virtuosity with the guitar have made her a much sought after collaborator amongst many Grammy artists like singer/songwriter Dennis Sy and composer Lynn Yew Evers, with songwriting and/or performance credits on both their albums.


Chrysss endeavors not to be defined nor restricted by music genres, although she definitely shines when her simple honest lyrics are coupled with her angelic vocals and acoustic guitar renderings. Yet her music compositions transcend the boundaries of narrow music categories, with soaring overtures or simple instrumental arrangements that are based on personal raw emotions, not just technical know-how.


Managing a portfolio career of being both a medical and music professional, Chrysss is excited with the many opportunities that still lay ahead of her artistic career, which includes an upcoming album of all original music with the group “Pen and Strings”.


To be undefined...to be boundless. That is Chrysss in a nutshell.

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