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OX Experience

Yesterday, I finally got to visit Oxford Exchange, a contemporary American menu, chic decor themed spot inspired by London and NY, a must experience in downtown Tampa. I very much so enjoyed my company and our meals that were to much to consume. It's been just about a year ago since I purchased my first DSLR camera. This place has been one of my must-try-to-take-a-photo place the past few months. As soon as the small plates arrived, we devoured them before I was even able to take a photo. But then again, we were there to share the moment of this visit with each other. It was an overwhelming experience to your eyes and nose as you walk in. Even if I've read some reviews and saw photos online, took me awhile to orient my self to where we should go. After entering the main door, you are welcomed with a round center wood display table being supported by a golden colored brass legs shaped as the earth. Nestled in the middle of it is a large ceramic vase with small pretty white flowers with green stalks. To you right is the eye wear store and left is the book store. Then you walk through this short hall with arched ceiling. You can get your shoe shined during the week. At the end of the hall, you hear the sound of expresso being made at the cafe corner. People are enjoying their caffeine and selfies under the light of the sun through glass roof. To the far right, you can see the diners at the sunlit patio through glass roofs as well. This is part of the dining area of the restaurant. To the left is a staircase where the wall is filled with iconic people of history. This takes you to the second floor where you can get a better view of people taking photographs of each other and the decor.

Then you enter another small hall where I felt the most dynamic experience of lines, shapes, color and smell. From shopping for aromatherapy oils, candles, jewelry, more books, gifts, stuff for everyone, etc....It was overwhelming. At the end our lovely brunch, I finally had a chance to take some photos. It was a nice day.

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